Chinese Student Teachers

Xuan Wang’s grade 6 students taught Simplified Mandarin Chinese to Kindergarten children at Sloatsburg Elementary School. They performed a short skit about the Chinese New Year, Xin nian.

There is no alphabet in Chinese, but pictures represent words  so Ms. Wang’s class made flash cards of Chinese characters which they taught by singing and rhyming to the younger students.

Our students were very excited to teach and encouraged their pupils by saying, “Good job! Are there any other words you want to know?”

Chinese New Year Skit:
There once was a monster named Nian. He lived far in the mountains beyond all the villages. Every year on New Year’s the weather is bad and there’s no food so he goes down to the villagers to eat people but mostly babies. Eventually, people learned Nian’s fears. He’s scared of hong (the color red), light and loud noises. To stop Nian from eating the babies, they decorate their houses with red, play with fireworks, play the drums, and decorate the streets with lanterns. Part of the celebration included the elderly giving money to children.

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